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my first blog post

February 6, 2013

First blog post! What a hurdle to finally be getting over. For some reason I always had this idea that my first recipe had to be either the best or the most interesting or the one with the most history (maybe even the one for which I named this blog), but I think I’ve reached my breaking point. My real reason for actually starting to write on this blog is not that I have anything particularly witty or mind-blowing to share, but because I am a serial recipe changer. And also a serial recipe forgetter.

I usually start with an easily searchable recipe, deluding myself into thinking I’ll just add it to my binder or look it up the next time I *have* to make it. Problem is, I change ohhh about half of the ingredients. I’m a big fan of cooking with what you have. I think a lot of times people think they can’t cook because a recipe is too complicated or they’ve never heard of this ingredient or they just don’t have the money to go out and buy every middle eastern chili pepper variety out there. The secret is you don’t have to follow the recipe. Seriously! Don’t even follow mine! Cook with what you have- and what you’ll reasonably use up later (no one believes you when you say you’ll be using that jar of sumac by next week).

Being my recipe changing self, last week I made the. best. buffalo. wings. ever. Based, of course, on a recipe found right on the first google search result page. Problem is, I added a little of this, switched out a little of that, and end up with a completely different recipe. It was AMAZING. And I forgot it. Well, no more! I officially have no reason to forget my changes. From now on, my little changes will all be documented here… in a searchable, savable recipe box. Of course you’ll get to read about my kitchen triumphs and disasters too, and hopefully you’ll get to learn which changes you loved and hated as well. Use the comments section to document the “this’s” and “thats” you changed, and we’ll start a kitchen revolution. One of actually knowing what we ate last week for dinner.

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  1. Mama Zucchini permalink
    February 7, 2013 10:00 pm

    Amazing start! Mama zucchini is proud of her her sprout…

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